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Anten Chemical Co., Ltd. is a leading producer of synthetic sodium silicate, specialized zeolite powder, and other performance materials serving the chemical, Petroleum, catalysts, adsorbents, detergent, pulp, and paper, water treatment, and construction markets. With AntenChem Solutions,We focus our efforts on four important societal needs that align with Antenchem’s heritage, products and people: Science and Math Education; Family Safety and Security; Housing and Shelter; and Humanitarian Relief.

AntenChem Catalysts Technologies is recognized as the global leader in specialty inorganic catalysts. Combining our catalytic science expertise with flexible manufacturing and materials science fundamentals, AntenChem is the leading supplier of petroleum refining and chemical processing catalysts.

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With over 30 years of joint development experience, AntenChem’s materials science capabilities supported by our catalytic science expertise and flexible manufacturing facilities make us the ideal partner to help you develop and commercialize new catalysts. In addition, the Magic® catalyst family is a world leader in the supply of skeletal hydrogenation and dehydrogenation products.AntenChem additives enhance of wide range of coating products and are often an integral part of providing the proper functionalities to a formulation. AntenChem offers intelligent solutions to address the changing needs in the coatings industry to meet the requirements of our customers through our extensive experience in surface and material science.

Built on professional, Creative, Manufacturing, and trust, AntenChem®’s high-performance specialty chemicals and materials improve the products and processes of our customer partners around the world. Through our Research & Development and in partnership with our customers, we develop, manufacture, license, and support technologies in catalysts, silica-based materials, zeolites products, and more.

We have built strong franchises in large global markets, with our sales coming in segments where we rank first or second. We are world leaders in FCC catalysts and independent polyethylene catalysts additives; first in specialty silica gel and can sealants; number one in cement additives and number two in concrete admixtures; and number one in pre-applied waterproofing. This leadership is earned through the value of technically differentiated, specialized products; technical and material science expertise; flexible worldwide manufacturing capabilities; and financial strength.

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Our commitment is to deliver value, safely and sustainably, to our customers in more than 150 countries, to shareholders, and to the communities where we operate in some 40 countries. Since 1992, we have worked hard to earn and keep the trust of customers—including many of the world’s most recognized brands—by reliably delivering high-quality products and services in close partnership with our customers.