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Pulp and Paper

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For the Pulp and Paper Industry

Anten® offers cost-effective, quality zeolite makeup chemicals, helping paper mills further their sustainability initiatives through our extensive capabilities and unmatched expertise.

Quality Matters in Paper Manufacturing
Because quality cannot be compromised, Anten® continually adheres to the highest standards. We analyze the chemical composition of deliveries. We conduct tank quality checks monthly. With our own lab and chemists, we test spent zeolite products regularly to ensure we meet your standards. Our pulp processing chemical products include:

Zeolite NZ-100
Zeolite SZ-004

What are Makeup Chemicals in Papermaking?

Zeolite is used to replace TiO2 material with pulp for papermaking, and to improve the coating absorbing capacity of ink paper. It aids in the reduction of the environmental impact of chemical pulping and helps manufacturers to reduce costs more effectively.

Promoting Sustainability

In addition to offering significant cost advantages, the use of zeolite products helps promote recycling and environmental sustainability in other industries.

Water Conservation

By supplying zeolite series, Anten® helps pulp and paper companies reduce their recycled cost.

Inkjet paper by using zeolite molecular sieves

AntenChem zeolite molecular sieves are crystalline, highly porous materials, which belong to the class of alumina silicates. These crystals have a three-dimensional structure, with pores of precisely defined diameters. They are designed to allow smaller molecules such as water, CO2, and H2S to be adsorbed while excluding larger molecules, hence the name “molecular sieve”. AntenChem offers a wide range of pore sizes to “sieve” molecules of various sizes and shapes including gases and liquids.

With silicate manufacturing facilities, R&D centers, and sales offices worldwide, we are well equipped to meet the challenges of today’s global marketplace while delivering local service and support. Our large scale manufacturing capabilities, strict quality control, and secure supply chain round out a partnership you can trust.

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