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Our History


It is company’s start-up phase, while Production is testing, Improvement and producing is doing at the same time, poorly installation, very little productivity, the production of 4A zeolite auxiliary is only 1,000 tons annually, only for so little production do the general manager and chief engineer go to promote personally, They recommended their products at all kinds of meeting, broadened business scope. Because the customers were satisfied with the quality of the products, Anten company walked out the first step.


It was a period of expansion production of scale. Anten enlarged the production of 4A Zeolite detergent to 20,000 tons per year. In the same time Anten a new series products of aluminosilicate.


It has grasped the technology of producing molecular sieves powder type A and type x. The kind of products was added to 5. The efficiency and profit are the pedestal for enterprise to exist, it comes through innovation of science and technology, improving the performance of products, decreasing the cost, satisfying the demand of customers, and reinforcing efficient management. The efficiency and profit has been increased yearly, the market demand also became larger.


It is a period of second-round expansion. The market demand for 4A zeolite detergent has increased sharply, expanding the production scale has became necessary. After course polypeptide the year’s shape, now they have completed the base for production capacity of 50,000 tons. The production capacity has reached to 30,000 tons in 2002 year.


the production capacity has reached 50 thousand tons per year, meeting the market demand. 2004: Anten Group set up Xiamen Zhongzhao Imp&Exp. Co., Ltd.,which in change of zeolite business. 2005 In the first half: the company stabilizes the quality of products and the sales market while readjusting the product structure, introducing new technology and intensively processing the products so that we has achieved wonderful economic efficiency.


In the second half: Getting the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification


Adding a new plant (second plant) and getting Well-known trademark of Quanzhou,The famous brand of Fujian province.


Getting well-known trademark of china and Amount tax paid reached to 705000


Being the member of China Association of Surfactant Soap and Detergent Industries


Getting the ISO140001: 2004 Environmental Management System Certification and has been one of the top 10 influential brands in chinese industry


General manager —Lin Chengji has been the supervisor of Nanan government and Nanan committee of Chinese Communist


Adding a new plant (third plant)in Guanqiao 2012:Lin Chengji elected president of China Association for promoting democracy in Nanan City Branch chairman.


Our joint venture PAC – Poly Aluminium Chloride has had remarkable sales growth.