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AntenChem Catalysts Technologies is recognized as the global leader in specialty inorganic catalysts. Combining our catalytic science expertise with flexible manufacturing and materials science fundamentals, AntenChem is the leading global supplier of petroleum refining and chemical processing catalysts.

We support our products with world-class technical service, experienced research and development and unsurpassed analytical tools, like our DCR™ Circulating Riser, which simulates commercial performance on a lab scale for fluid bed catalyst systems.

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Whether you’re interest is paint and lacquers, wood and coil coatings, polyurethane coatings, can sealants, or inkjet coatings, AntenChem additives enhance of wide range of coating products and are often an integral part of providing the proper functionalities to a formulation. AntenChem offers intelligent solutions to address the changing needs in the coatings industry to meet the requirements of our customers through our extensive experience in surface and material science.

JBLOC® silica products are the leading silica matting agents worldwide. AntenChem´s latest addition, the JBLOC® generation of silica matting agents, has been specifically designed to meet the challenges of matting difficult to matt low-VOC coating systems. JBLOC® heavy metal-free anti-corrosive pigments were developed to meet today’s strict environmental requirements. They are a non-toxic alternative to chrome (VI) and zinc phosphate compounds in paints and coatings.

AntenChem’s portfolio for inkjet printing including JBLOC® and Zlink® coatings improve ink absorption and print quality of glossy and matt coatings for a variety of printing formats.

AntenChem has assembled a global coatings Technical Customer Service group, dedicated to developing worldwide technical partnerships with our customers. Our experience, an extensive portfolio, and the ability to tailor solutions to meet our customers’ needs make AntenChem your collaborative partner in coatings and inks industry.

Mentioned above are just a few of our trusted coatings brands and the applications they are used for. Please explore the full product range or consult your AntenChem representative with specific questions.

Anten’s portfolio for Personal Care Ingredients consists of a range of functional additives that improve processing, achieve desired properties, enhance touch/feeling, or extend the stability and shelf-life of finished products.

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