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Sampling Policy

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Sampling Policy

Anten Chemical has supplied samples of standard products to the academic community for research purposes. Please fill in Academic Response Form

The following information are required:

Contact Name, Institution Name, Shipping Address (must be to Institution), Billing Address (must include contact name or department at Institution), Telephone Number, Fax Number, Product Type, Quantity. 

The following explanation of the form fields will help you to complete the request:

  • Product Nomenclature
  • Use the name of the requested product, as listed on the Standard Products page.
  • Maximum Product Quantity The maximum sample quantity, or part thereof, is 2 kilogram per product.A maximum of 2 kilogram of a material will be supplied on a semiannual basis to the same institution.

For a free sample, We would support you with your applications. Please call us or email us.  Thank you very much.