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Anten Chemical has a global reputation for quality innovation and technology and applies its standards of excellence to the HCBS® line of personal care and cosmetic products. HCBS® homopolymers and copolymers offer rheological properties and water repellency. Anten’s HCBS® micronized products function as suspension aids, binders, and lubricants. We offer an extensive array of exfoliating beads in various hardnesses, densities, and sizes.

The HCBS® line of zeolite molecular sieves includes odor-absorbing and warming materials. Anten Chemical can draw upon decades of manufacturing and development experience to bring you a diverse array of compositions and properties that meet virtually any application requirements you have.

Molecular Sieve Powder by Anten acts as a heating agent and exfoliant. It is a highly porous, micronized zeolite crystal with a strong hydrophilic character. It is slightly abrasive and heats up when the product adsorbs moisture. It shows a high affinity to polar substances such as water, which gets strongly adsorbed. Its small pore size excludes the adsorption of other ingredients of cosmetic formulations such as fragrances, proteins, or oils. HCBS® Molecular Sieve Powder is used in creams, lotion, and gel. It is listed in REACH.

This self-tanning product provides extra benefits such as naturally derived moisturizers and thickeners that contribute to its excellent application properties. Silica’s unique, innovative design combines adsorption capacity, particle size, density, and internal surface area to provide multifunctional benefits or optimize an application. This helps minimize the number of excipients used and the complexity of formulations while expediting manufacturing, ultimately improving the efficacy of the final dosage form.

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The incorporation of Anten Chemical HCBS® zeolite helps to minimize unwanted odors, thus enhancing the experience. Anten’s experienced technical support team guides customers to the right product to achieve the desired attributes in new personal care product conceptualization and development. This collaborative approach also helps customers extract maximum value from the use of our specialty silica product portfolio in their formulation. A full range of technical and application services are available to support your product development.

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