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Anten’s portfolio for Personal Care Ingredients consists of a range of functional additives that improve processing, achieve desired properties, enhance touch/feeling, or extend the stability and shelf-life of finished products. Our commitment is to deliver value, safely and sustainably, to our customers in more than 150 countries, to shareholders, and to the communities where we operate in some 40 countries.

Since 1992, we have worked hard to earn and keep the trust of customers—including many of the world’s most recognized brands—by reliably delivering high-quality products and services in close partnership with our customers. In personal care formulations, the physical characteristics of silica can alter product tactile qualities or enhance other properties such as:

Improving skin-feel
Adding film uniformity
Providing mattifying effect
Replacing polymer microspheres in exfoliant applications

Technical Support and State-of-the-Art Lab Capabilities

Anten’s experienced technical support team guides customers to the right product to achieve the desired attributes in new personal care product conceptualization and development. This collaborative approach also helps customers extract maximum value from the use of our specialty silica product portfolio in their formulation. A full range of technical and application services are available to support your product development.

HCBS® Molecular Sieves

Molecular Sieve Powder by Anten acts as a heating agent and exfoliant. It is a highly porous, micronized zeolite crystal with a strong hydrophilic character. It is slightly abrasive and heats up when the product adsorbs moisture. It shows a high affinity to polar substances such as water, which gets strongly adsorbed. Its small pore size excludes the adsorption of other ingredients of cosmetic formulations such as fragrances, proteins, or oils. HCBS® Molecular Sieve Powder is used in creams, lotion, and gel. It is listed in REACH.

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