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Are zeolites re-useable?

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Are zeolites re-useable?

Are zeolites re-useable?Synthetic zeolite has the same function as natural zeolite.

Today,Researchers had more evaluations about re-useable zeolite. They have used A 25% w/w of natural zeolite (clinoptilolite) in the composting process of sewage sludge for several times in order to define the recycling times and describe this phenomenon.

Result of re-useable zeolite

The final results indicated that under the circumstances, the same amount of natural zeolites can be used more than 22 times which makes the whole process more sustainable and feasible. The uptake of heavy metals from sewage sludge using natural zeolite and the reuse times seems to focus on the change of heavy metals in compost. The heavy metal content of zeolite directly reflects on the reuse times according to the final results.

Synthetic zeolite has the same function as natural zeolite. If using synthetic zeolite molecular sieve, it adsorbs more moisture from gas and oil. It has good effective work after being used more than 30 times. The results from the theoretical equations show similar results to the real experimental data.

Zeolites detergent grade can be regenerated using relatively easy methods such as heating to remove adsorbed materials, ion exchanging with sodium to remove cations, or pressure swing to remove adsorbed gases.


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