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New Materials of Toothpastes – Zeolites are used in personal care

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New Materials of Toothpastes – Zeolites are used in personal care

New Materials of Toothpastes Zeolites are used in personal care
New Materials of Toothpastes-Zeolites are used in personal care

Homecare detergents with zeolite are often focused on by all families, but we also know personal care products are often solutions, suspensions, or emulsions of various ingredients in appropriate vehicles to provide lotions, ointments, and creams of the proper rheology to be applied. We often use these products, such as cleansing creams, analgesic balms, detergent creams, toothpastes, facial creams, medicated creams, cosmetic lotions, and the like.

Silicas and Zeolites were used in Toothpastes

Silicas were used in toothpaste products for the long term. New Materials of Toothpastes-Zeolites have been formed as ingredients in personal care products such as toothpastes, detergent creams, cleansing, and medicated creams, analgesic balms, and others. In these products, zeolites function as abrasives, astringents, carriers, and deodorants and as heat sources for self-warming products.

Zeolite is activated for self-warming function

the zeolite is activated so that it releases heat upon adsorbing water when applied in the self-warming products. Activated zeolites readily adsorb non-polar gases, particularly nitrogen. When the gases are replaced in the zeolite by some other constituent, or by a change in temperature, swelling results. Some products can be formulated so that none of the ingredients will replace the gas. This expedient does not prevent degassing because of environmental factors and severely limits the materials available in formulating the desired product. Heating the partial or complete composition can remove the gas, but there is a risk in changing the ingredients. A better solution would be to provide a zeolite that does not adsorb nitrogen.

Other conventional ingredients of personal care products can be employed for their usual function. Such ingredients can include dyes, perfumes, surface active agents, fillers, abrasives, polishing agents, thickeners, flavorings, sweeteners, bodying agents, topical pain relievers, antiperspirants, and others. These materials must be largely anhydrous and should not enter the structures of the zeolite to release heat. It is different from the natural zeolite.


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