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Poly Aluminum Chloride – Best Water Purification material

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Poly Aluminum Chloride – Best Water Purification material

Poly Aluminium Chloride -Poly Aluminum Chloride is used in water treatment
Poly Aluminum Chloride is used in water treatment

Poly aluminum chloride is a new water purification material, an inorganic polymer coagulant, the English abbreviation is PAC ( poly aluminum chloride ), it is a water-soluble inorganic high Molecular polymer, the general chemical formula is [Al2(OH)nCl6-nLm], where m represents the degree of polymerization, and n represents the degree of neutrality of the PAC product.

n=1-5 is a highly charged polymeric ring chain with Keggin structure, which has a high degree of electrical neutralization and bridging effect on colloids and particulates in water and can strongly remove micro-toxic substances and heavy metal ions and has stable properties.

PAC – New Material of Water Treatment

The color is yellow or light yellow, dark brown, dark gray resinous solid. The product has strong bridging adsorption performance. During the hydrolysis process, physical and chemical processes such as coagulation, adsorption, and precipitation occur with

PAC Product Features

  1. The flocs form quickly, with good activity and good filterability.
  2. There is no need to add alkaline additives. In the case of deliquescence, the effect will remain unchanged.
  3. It is suitable for wide PH value, strong adaptability, and a wide range of uses.
  4. The treated water contains less salt.
  5. It can remove the pollution of heavy metals and radioactive substances in water.​​


The salinity of poly aluminum chloride is a relatively important indicator, especially for drinking water grade polyaluminum products. This standard is one of the important indicators for the production of polyaluminum production lines. The lower the salinity, the higher the price, and each buyer can operate according to the actual situation of the factory

Poly Aluminium Chloride -Poly Aluminum Chloride is used in water treatment
The three types of Poly Aluminium Chloride are used in water treatment

In addition, the salinity of poly aluminum chloride products produced by different raw materials and different processes is also different, which requires manufacturers to adjust. Improving the salinity of poly aluminum chloride products can greatly improve the economic benefits of production and use. The salinity is increased from 65% to 92%, the cost of raw materials for production can be reduced by 20%, and the cost of use can be reduced by 40%.

Water Treatment Development of Other Countries

At present, most of the water plants in our country use pac, which can be described as one of the necessary chemicals in water plants. The scope of application of PAC can not only be used in the purification of water supply in water plants, but also in sludge dewatering to improve the sludge dewatering rate. In addition, PAC is used in the front, middle, and back ends of various sewage and wastewater treatments, and is often used in combination with the coagulant aid PAC.

Instructions of Polyaluminum Chloride

  • Dissolve the solid product with water at 1:3 into a liquid, then add 10-30 times of water to dilute it to the required concentration before use.
  • The optimal pH value for dosing is 3.5-5.0. Selecting the optimal pH value for dosing can maximize the benefits of coagulation.
  • The dosage can be determined according to the different turbidity of the raw water. Generally, when the turbidity of the raw water is 100-500mg/L, the dosage per thousand tons is 10-20kg.

Use of Poly Aluminum Chloride

This product can sterilize, deodorize, remove fluorine, aluminum, chromium, remove oil, remove turbidity, remove heavy metal salts, remove radioactive pollutants, and has a wide range of uses in the process of purifying various water sources.​​

  1. Purify domestic drinking water and domestic sewage.​​
  2. Purification of industrial water, industrial wastewater, mine, oil field re-injection water, purification of papermaking water, metallurgy, coal washing, leather, and various chemical sewage treatment, etc.​​
  3. Industrial production applications; paper sizing, printing and dyeing, dyeing and dyeing, cement accelerators, casting hardeners, refractory binders, glycerin refining, cloth wrinkle prevention, medicine, cosmetics, and other industries, the wastewater can be recycled.​​
  4. In the oil refining industry, it is used for oil-water separation, and the effect is very good.​​


Polyaluminum chloride is an efficient flocculant, water purifier and phosphorus removal agent. Due to its outstanding characteristics and advantages, wide application range, the dosage can be reduced by more than 30% compared with traditional water purifiers, and the cost can be saved by more than 40%. It has become an excellent water purifier recognized at home and abroad.

Pac can also be used to purify special water quality such as drinking water and tap water supply water, such as iron removal, cadmium removal, fluorine removal, and radiation removal.

Synthetic production process

  • Drum type polyaluminum chloride The aluminum content is general, the water-insoluble matter is high, and it is mostly used for sewage treatment.
  • Plate and frame polyaluminum chloride has high aluminum content and low water-insoluble matter, and is used for municipal sewage treatment and domestic sewage treatment.
  • Spray-dried polyaluminum chloride has high aluminum content, low water-insoluble matter and fast dissolution rate. It is used for drinking water and higher standard water treatment.

In Addition, natural zeolite has same function as polyaluminum chloride. pls reference this link ( What is the Best Zeolite? ).

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