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Best Catalysts: Application of Pural SB Powder (Sasol Boehmite)

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Best Catalysts: Application of Pural SB Powder (Sasol Boehmite)

Pural SB powder of catalysts – Sasol Boehmite is a kind of high-quality high purity quasi boehmite produced from high-purity aluminum and high alcohol. It’s used in Catalysts. Due to its good crystal shape, easy-to-control pore structure, large specific surface area, and high purity, it is widely used in the field of catalysts.

It is reflected in the following two aspects.

  • Used as a catalyst binder in the petrochemical industry
    • The pseudo-boehmite after acid dissolution has adhesive properties and is one of the main components of the double aluminum base binder for FCC catalyst. As a binder, pseudo-boehmite can not only improve the strength of the catalyst, but also adjust the pore size distribution of the catalyst, improve the hydrothermal stability of the catalyst, adjust the density of the acid active center of the catalyst, and improve the catalytic activity.
  • Used as catalyst or catalyst support
    • Boehmite is widely used as catalyst support for chemical, oil refining, and petrochemical reactions. Typical examples include hydro refining catalyst support, reforming catalyst support, methanation catalyst support, etc. Pseudo-boite can also be used as a catalyst after dehydration. γ-alumina obtained after low-temperature roasting is used as Claus sulfur recovery catalyst, ethanol isomerization catalyst, and ethanol dehydration catalyst.

In contrast, in the domestic sodium aluminate solution carbonation method, the production of low-grade products, in the field of catalyst application is limited, generally only used for the synthesis of raw material purity, and the structure of the catalyst is not high, such as hydrothermal synthesis of molecular sieve production.

Mordenite Zeolite Work In Catalysts

Mordenite Zeolite has excellent heat resistance, acid resistance, and moisture resistance, industry widely used as a gas or liquid mixture separation of adsorbent and hydrocarbon cracking and hydrocracking, modification, dewaxing and the synthesis of dimethylamine, isomerization of alkane, species of polycyclic aromatic compounds such as alkylating catalyst, and also can be used as a desiccant, adsorbent, etc. Common in acidic volcanic fissures and pores, natural mordenite zeolite often mixes symbiotic natural clinoptilolite.

Actually, crystalline mordenite is overlapped by a number of such layers together by appropriate means, linked together. Thus, the crystal form mordenite in a lot of straight-shaped pores, wherein the diameter of the largest is composed of twelve-membered rings composed of straight-shaped pores, which is the main channel of mordenite, elliptical cross-section, a major axis diameter is 0.695nm, minor axis diameter of 0.581nm, they seemed like bundles of tubes, which is a, X and Y-type zeolite clathrate pores are very different.

Struction Of Mordenite Zeolites

In fact, The straight-shaped pores with a certain degree of torsion, the layers are not overlapping opposite phases, but there is a certain mutual displacement. Thus, it may be reduced to an average diameter of 0.4nm to 0.66nm. Between the main channel of mordenite small pores also communicate with each other, but these small pores’ aperture is about 0.39nm, and small molecules are generally easy to go in, only the main channel access. Mordenite crystal molecules can be considered two-dimensional, but A, X, and Y-type zeolites were three-dimensional.

Bound mordenites zeolite have been demonstrated to be suitable for use as catalysts in hydrocarbon conversion processes such as the transalkylation of aromatic hydrocarbons, as described in U.S. Patent No. 6,486,372 and the hydrocracking of high boiling hydrocarbon feedstocks. we also reference more described in WO 97/13826.

Pural SB Powder – Important Materials Of Catalysts Processing

Synthetic Mordenite zeolite has also been disclosed as a catalyst in gas phase carbonylation processes employing dimethyl ether as carbonylatable reactant. Please reference more described in WO 2006/121778 a process for the production of a lower alkyl ester of a lower aliphatic carboxylic acid by carbonylating under substantially anhydrous conditions a lower alkyl ether, such as dimethyl ether, with carbon monoxide in the presence of a mordenite or ferrierite catalyst.

How to use of a bound mordenite zeolite in the carbonylation process?

There is no more technical information of disclosure in WO 2006/121778 patent. Pural SB powder is one of important materials of mordenites zeolites. Anten would support our customers to purchase raw materials of catalysts when our clients need help.


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