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Does Zeolite remove toxins?

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Does Zeolite remove toxins?

Zeolite is used in biochemistry, agroindustry, detergents, soil improvements, the nuclear industry, energy storage, textiles, and some water filtration plants to remove pollutants. Biomedical applications of zeolites include their use as detoxicates and decontaminants, as vaccine adjuvants, and as antibacterial agents. They are also used for delayed release drug delivery, as antitumor adjuvants, as antidiarrheal agents, in hemodialysis, to improve bone formation, and in the treatment of diabetes mellitus.

There are plenty of peer-reviewed scientific studies showing the significant benefits of zeolites including the strong research currently underway in anti-cancer studies with promising results. Unfortunately, there are some health supplement companies that do not use sound science, material sourcing, and process protocol to ensure a quality product. It is advised that the consumer do their homework and practice discernment when considering the use of zeolite for alternative medicine.

The most promising form of zeolite for alternative medicine is micronized zeolite clinoptilolite in liquid form. There is currently a consorted effort by the Pharmaceutical companies to suppress such research and information through the FDA. Healthy people mean less profit for the Pharm Industry.

For more information, please link: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Does_Zeolite_remove_toxins

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