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Specification of zeolite molecular sieve powder from Anten

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Specification of zeolite molecular sieve powder from Anten

Everyone should know more information about the application and specification of zeolite molecular sieve powder, it can help buyers to purchase the best quality products from us.

Specification of zeolite molecular sieve powder

Type Specification3A Molecular Sieve4A Molecular Sieve5A Molecular Sieve13X Molecular Sieve
Chemical formulaK7.2Na4.8[(AlO2)12NaO.Al2O3.Ca4.5Na3[(AlO2)12NaO.Al2O3.
(SiO2)12]m H2OSiO2.4.5H2O(SiO2)12].m H2O2.5SiO2.6.2H2O
Color &ShapeWhite &powderWhite &powderWhite &powderWhite &powder
Absorbed water≥25≥27≥28≥32
Absorbed CO2%≥22.5≥22.5
Bulk density
 UseUsed in dehydration of ethylene, propylene and ethanolUsed in the dehumidification of oil-gasUsed in air purification and PSAUsed in purification of air with air separation equipment, and separation of gas or liquid
Determination of water absorption in the RH = 50% and under 25 º C in the amount of water per 100 grams of adsorbent

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