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What is Silica Food Grade and Industrial Grade?

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What is Silica Food Grade and Industrial Grade?

fumed silica and precipitated silica food grade is used in coffee and milk powder.

Do you know the silica food grade? Everyone should know more when we have a cup of coffee or milk.

Start a day’s work in the morning, and have a cup of coffee at this time, and the whole day will be full of energy. Make a cup of milk before going to bed, and fall asleep with the warmth of the milk. In modern life, healthy life and nutritional supplements are essential.

However, when you open your coffee or milk jug with great anticipation and see this scene, does it go bad?

does it go bad?fumed silica and precipitated silica food grade is used in coffee and milk powder.

At this moment, I believe that the first reaction of many people may be that the milk powder has gone bad, and the appetite has probably disappeared without a trace… Therefore, the appearance and taste of food can directly affect a person’s needs and mood.

What we are introducing today is a food additive that can make these dry powder foods not agglomerate and is harmless to the human body – fumed silica. When it comes to food additives, you certainly have a lot of questions. Is it toxic? Are there any side effects? Will it gain weight?

Just give the answer directly from professional scientists. Silica food grade is non-toxic, has no side effects, will not gain weight, and will be directly excreted by you.

The additives used to enter the human body through eating silica food grade, weak alkali cavity environment, strong acid stomach environment, weak acid intestinal environment, it is not decomposed, not absorbed, and finally excreted with feces.

Fumed silica is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic ultra-fine inorganic new material, which is widely used in people’s production and life. As a food additive, the main function of fumed silica food grade is to prevent the agglomeration of powder food and improve its fluidity, so as to maintain the good appearance of powder food. And for the entire industrial chain of powder food from production, and processing to transportation, this feature will greatly improve efficiency.

The reason why fumed silica food grade can produce such a miraculous effect in powder food is mainly due to its two characteristics

  1. Has a large specific surface area. This feature enables it to be wrapped on the surface of powder materials, and acts as a spacer between powder particles, thereby preventing adhesion and promoting the free flow of powder foods.
  2. Has strong adsorption. The specific structure of fumed silica can promote its absorption of oil and moisture on the surface of the powder, thereby reducing the adhesion between powders.

It is precise because of such characteristics that fumed silica has been widely used in various powdered foods such as milk powder, coffee, and seasonings. It can prevent powdered foods from caking, facilitate transportation, and increase the taste. So, when you pour a glass of delicious milk and see the uniform and smooth milk powder particles, don’t forget that there is fumed silica in it! Yichang Huifu silicon material produces hydrophilic and hydrophobic fumed silica.

Silicas are the general term for white powder X-ray amorphous silicic acid and silicate products, mainly refers to precipitated silica, fumed silica, and ultrafine silica gel, and also includes powdered synthetic silicic acid Aluminum and calcium silicate, etc., whose main component is silica, is commonly known as silicon dioxide because of its reinforcing effect on rubber. White carbon black is white powder granular or massive, non-combustible, odorless, has good physiological inertia, insoluble in water, and has good chemical stability.

Silica is named according to the manufacturing method as fumed silica and precipitated silica.

Precipitated silica can be used in the rubber industry, as an anti-caking agent in agricultural chemicals, in daily chemicals, as a paper filler, and in fire-fighting agents, feed, cosmetics, matting agents, pigments, paints, and many other industries.

Fumed silica food grade is one of the important high-tech ultra-fine inorganic new materials, widely used in various industries as additives, catalyst carriers, decolorizers, matting agents, rubber reinforcing agents, plastic fillers, ink thickeners, metal soft Sexual polish, etc.


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