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Breakthrough Results in Molecular Sieves Research

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Breakthrough Results in Molecular Sieves Research

Breakthrough results in molecular sieves research
Breakthrough results in molecular sieves research

On the 11th, << Science >>, one of the world’s authoritative academic journals, published the breakthrough results of the research team of Yu Jihong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of the School of Chemistry of Jilin University, in the study of molecular sieve materials.

Chemistry of Molecular Sieves Research

Molecular sieves are a class of aluminosilicate crystals with regular nanopores. As catalysis, adsorption separation, and ion exchange materials, it has been widely used in fields closely related to energy and the environment, such as petroleum refining, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, and daily chemicals. Especially because of their unique shape-selective catalytic properties, molecular sieves have become important solid catalyst materials in the current chemical industry.

Catalysis of Molecular Sieves Research

Today, the world needs millions of tons of molecular sieves every year, and the economic benefits generated are as high as tens of billions of dollars. Academician Yu Jihong’s research team has long been committed to the synthesis and preparation chemistry of inorganic porous functional materials.

According to reports, they discovered for the first time in the latest research that hydroxyl radicals exist in the hydrothermal synthesis system of zeolite molecular sieves because they have excellent depolymerization of aluminosilicate species and repolymerization around cationic templates during the formation of molecular sieves. Catalytic activity thus can significantly accelerate the nucleation of molecular sieves.

The addition of hydroxyl radicals to the molecular sieve hydrothermal synthesis system through ultraviolet irradiation or FENTON reaction can significantly accelerate the crystallization of molecular sieves.

Report of Molecular Sieves Research

According to reports, this discovery is an important breakthrough in the research of synthetic chemistry of inorganic microporous crystal materials.

The accelerated synthesis of free radicals not only gives people a new understanding of the formation mechanism of molecular sieves but also opens up a new path for the high-efficiency, energy-saving, and green synthesis of molecular sieve materials that are in great demand in the industry.

This research was supported by the 973 Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Natural Science Foundation of China.


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