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Micro-Speaker Having an Air Adsorbent – molecular sieves

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Micro-Speaker Having an Air Adsorbent – molecular sieves

Micro-Speaker Having an Air Adsorbent - molecular sieves
Micro-Speaker Having an Air Adsorbent – molecular sieves

A company makes the invention of a micro-speaker within an air adsorbent by using a molecular sieve, which is used in a small electronic device. micro-speaker having a cabinet within air adsorbent (molecular sieves). It let micro-speaker to improves the best low-frequency sound quality.

Air Adsorbent – molecular sieves in Micro-Speaker

According to the invention patent, it provides a micro-speaker showing excellent improvement in low-frequency sound quality regardless of the mass ratio of silicon to aluminum of an air adsorbent.

it is also possible to provide at a low cost by reducing the mass ratio of silicon to aluminum of molecular sieves as compared with a conventional micro-speaker having an air adsorbent.

More particularly,when molecular sieves are made in the form of small particles, It is used easily. We use synthetic molecular sieve apply as the air adsorbent for the micro-speaker, if the molecular sieve is used in the form of powder without being post-formed, or the molecular sieve is finely classified into too small particles, the air adsorbent powder may be influenced to other parts of the micro-speaker. over-molding have possibly a detrimental effect on the air molecule adsorption capacity of the air adsorbent.

This is because the more the particle size of the small particles increases, the more the surface area per unit mass, i.e., the specific surface area of the particles themselves decreases.

That is, the same type of molecular sieve is respectively secondarily formed into different particle sizes, and compared with no air adsorbent (Empty) in terms of improvement of low-frequency sound quality.

Therefore, for convenience of use, it is most preferable to use a molecular sieve or a group of molecular sieves having a particle size of 0.2mm to 0.5mm, which has a particle size not too small and shows satisfactory improvement in low-frequency sound quality.

It is possible to significantly improve the low-frequency sound quality by only selecting molecular sieves based on different pore characteristics rather than on mass ratios as in the prior art.


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