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AntenChem has been specializing in precipitated silicas,zeolite powders, catalysts, and adsorbents, emerging as a global leader for both commercial and specialized zeolites and silicas. We combine the zeolite product development and manufacturing skills of our parent companies. All material quality of silicates silica and zeolites are checked by step. It is very important to our Quality Assurance.

Zeolite ZSM-5

from Anten’s Sciences Zeolite-based heterogeneous catalysts are used by industrial chemical companies in the interconversion of hydrocarbons and the alkylation of aromatic compounds. A very

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What are zeolites?

Zeolites are three-dimensional, microporous, crystalline solids with well-defined structures that contain aluminum, silicon, and oxygen in their regular framework; cations and water are located in

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What is molecular sieve?

Molecular Sieves From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A molecular sieve is a material containing tiny pores of a precise and uniform size that is used

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Zeolite introduce

Zeolite From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Zeolites (Greek, zein, “to boil”; lithos, “a stone”) are aluminosilicate minerals and have a microporous structure (pores smaller than

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